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All Pokemon all the time! All pairings. All monsters. Cards, Anime, and Manga!
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Jul 8, 2014

North America

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221 Members
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Summer Night - Ch. 2 - P. 10 by MoonRayCZ
#3 Venusaur by Polydactylpaw
Can't Spell Believe Without The V by OnLinedPaper
Sparring Polebite by ThyWordIsTruth
(PATREON) Level 1 Misty (Free To Use) by customwaifus
Elesa by Gosha420
Pokegirls vol 16 by GENZOMAN
Ferriswheelshipping by EryenArt
People And Pokemon
Star Hearts by birdmir
Friendship by Bren57
Pokemon Online Chapter 02 Page 04 by NicholasMueller
SS arttrade 2016: ringo by FrenchVanillaTea
PMG//#02 by MistUnreal

Mature Content

Mature Content

PMG//#01 by MistUnreal
Poke Gear
Represent! Pokemon GO pins for sale! (RESTOCK) by Nyaasu
RotomDex Plush Pokemon - removable faces by ArtesaniasIris
Custom Eevee Eeveelution Charm Bracelet Pokemon by TorresDesigns
Pokeballs Necklace by okapirose
Delphox Chibi Shiny Ver. by DragonSkator
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Alola Spinarak And Alola Ariados by Caharvey
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Little Red Riding Hood and her...chicken? by tigersylveon
[OPEN 3/4] Gijinka/PokeTrainer Adopts Set 3 by WanderingAdopts
Fire Witches by TsaoShin
[Poke-Life] Queen of flowers by Spirit-Okami
Cosmoem by Okemian
Nuclear Mewtwo || Fakemon PokemonUranium by KaedeKuyuki
Mew by Elisabethianna
Shaymin by CidsBanana
Relic Pokemon
No. 565 Carracosta by raspberrygoop
Poke Groups
Pokemon Moon Team by tigersylveon
Starter Groups
Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter Nesting Doll Keychain by SunKittyInc
Mega Pokemon
Online Battle #1 by JazzyTyfighter
Shiny Pokemon
Christmas Eevees! Merry Christmas! by Vanderstorme
Espeon by Okemian
Bug Type
014 - Kakuna by TsaoShin
Dark Type
Houndour by Rusakkoko
Dragon Type
Dragonite Pokemon Evolution Nesting Doll Set by SunKittyInc
Electric Type
A wild Pikachu appears. by HyenaPrincess
Fairy Type
Spritzee (682) by deinoscaos
Fighting Type
Sekai by hikariviny
Fire Type
Lit Kitten by BacknBismuth
Flying Type
Springtime Fletchlings by TsaoShin
Ghost Type
Pokemon Ghost Squad by Rusakkoko
Grass Type
Bellsprout by IWingedAngel
Ground Type
Trapinch BITE BITE BITE! by LadyDeven
Ice Type
Alola Ninetales by Invidiata
Normal Type
SN: I'll share with you by MoonRayCZ
Poison Type
023 - Ekans by TsaoShin
Psychic Type
Pokemon Blue VC Team: Alakazam by SilverSaintAbram
Rock Type
Rockruff by ThyWordIsTruth
Steel Type
Realistic Pokemon: Aggron by ReneCampbellArt
Water Type
Mudkip by Okemian


Suiren :iconazurerat:AzureRat 48 33 Gardevoir and Tsareena :iconsitrophe:Sitrophe 207 8 Best Friends - Kirlia and Steenee :iconsitrophe:Sitrophe 149 6 A New Friend - Bounsweet and Ralts :iconsitrophe:Sitrophe 135 8 Tapu Lele :iconsitrophe:Sitrophe 114 5 PokePuppers :iconsitrophe:Sitrophe 117 14 Someone to Protect :iconsitrophe:Sitrophe 127 7 Make Way For A New Generation :iconsitrophe:Sitrophe 227 27 Pokemon Sun and Moon - Female trainer :iconcypernelli:Cypernelli 86 14 Sandshrew :iconamelcore:amelcore 67 6 Sea Pokemon :iconfutonrasen:futonrasen 35 10 Dragonite :iconfutonrasen:futonrasen 83 9 Mega Charizard :iconfutonrasen:futonrasen 120 9 Poke Pals - Dinos :iconcindacry:Cindacry 112 7 Bree and Brionne :icongriddles:Griddles 50 8 Pokemon Go Team LEADERS :iconjclf88:JCLF88 40 2

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Sorry for being behind on the journal, I've been playing Moon and I'm sure the rest of you have been practicing your Z-moves too!

But lets get down to business, the Alola Dex has given us some great new monsters, and Alola itself has given us some unbelievable new items and trainers!

All Alola themed art is more than welcome in honor of Pokemon Sun and Moon! Though I do ask that we please avoid spoilers please. And remember, all written works are requested to be in English so I can put then in their proper folders!
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